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GT-2A Airborne Gravimeter
The GT-2A is based on 7 years of operational experience with the GT-1A
which brings proven design and fully automatic operation
to mobile scalar gravity measurement.
GT-2M Marine Gravimeter
The GT-2M marine gravimeter is a world-leader in its class.
For accuracy, resolution and dynamic range it is
superior technology to traditional zero-length spring devices.
GT-1A Airborne Gravimeter
The GT-1A airborne gravimeter is a world-leader in its class.
For accuracy, resolution, productivity and dynamic range,
its technology is superior to traditional zero-length spring devices.

Research & Development

Research and development activities are essential to CMG on two fronts: facilitating continuous improvement to existing technology (product support & development) and validating new products for commercialization (products under development).

Product Support & Development

CMG and its partners are committed to continued support and development for existing products. Already many improvements have been made to earlier models of the gravimeters and the associated software packages as feedback from on-going laboratory testing and field operations assist development.

Products under development

CMG are currently carrying out a number of new research projects. Further information will be made available as these projects progress.